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Our dedicated team of curators research social history to create new exhibitions and organise popular travelling exhibitions throughout the year.

Current exhibitions So much to see

The Nancy of Goole
See the record collection of Reuben Chappell paintings, including 'The Nancy of Goole' at Goole Museum.
Amy Johnson
Explore the Amy Johnson collection on show at Sewerby Hall and Gardens.
A pommel from the end of a dagger or sword. See the iron-age swords discovered in South Cave at The Treasure House.
Fred and Mary Elwell
View a record collection of paintings from local artists Fred and Mary Elwell at Beverley Guildhall.
Rural work
Find a selection of farming tools over the ages at the rural East Riding museum at Skidby Mill.


Each of our Museums has its own specialist collection, such as maritime treasures at Goole to significant artworks in Beverley. Visit each of the museums' pages to discover more. We also store and protect a number of items in our environmentally-controlled store room at the Treasure House, Beverley. You can view our entire collection online on East Riding Treasures.

Standards and accreditation
The East Riding Museums Service has Accreditation from the Arts Council for its standards of collection care, as outlined in our collections development policy. We also meet the standards of SPECTRUM, the UK Museum Collections Management Standard, maintained by the Collections Trust on behalf of UK museums.

Some of our collections contain sensitive information to individuals. Read the full Privacy Notice for East Riding Museums Service on

History and facts

All the objects in the East Riding museum collections can be searched on East Riding Treasures Online. You can search by keyword, type of object or by collection. These include the South Cave Weapons Cache, the Amy Johnson collection, the maritime paintings of Reuben Chappell and the paintings of Fred and Mary Elwell.

You can arrange to view specific objects from our collections as part of personal or professional research. To book a viewing appointment, first find the item online at East Riding Treasures and make a note of its ERYMS ID number, the collection it is in and the museum it is held at. Please note, BAG is Beverley Art Gallery, and those without brackets are part of the Sewerby Hall collection. With these details, contact the curator of the museum and arrange your appointment.

Museum collections
View the entire collection using the East Riding Museums Collections website.
East Riding Museums Collections
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Choose a specific museum to find out about the collections they hold.
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Object identification

Object identification

Found an item through metal detecting or by chance discovery? East Riding Museums offer an identification service for old and found objects of potential historical value. Simply take your item to the relevant museum (visit the museum pages for specialist collections) and fill out a form. You can also donate or loan objects to museums for display.

Metal detectorists

Metal detecting, where carried out within the law, can contribute significantly to our knowledge of the past. East Riding Museums has been working closely with local metal detector users since 1995. Both individuals and groups have discovered a number of objects, including some important finds for our collections, all of which have been part of temporary displays. We work in partnership with the national Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS).

If you do find 'treasure' through metal detecting, it is important to accurately record the finding spot. There is a legal requirement to report any objects that might constitute 'treasure' under the 1996 Treasure Act (and as amended in 2003). Visit the Portable Antiquities Scheme website for a definition of 'Treasure'. We strongly encourage liaison between archaeologists and metal detectorists for mutual benefit and the recording of all significant finds. Contact the museums service at the Treasure House, Beverley, for more information.

In the case of large collections (more than 10) of metal detecting objects, PAS should be the first point of contact for recording. East Riding Museums would still be interested in seeing your collection if you are offering it for donation, sale or as a loan for display.

Information and downloads

For professional and ethical reasons we are unable to offer valuations on any artefacts. Enquirers should instead contact a reputable antiquities dealer.

We aim to identify objects within four weeks or provide further research and points of contact that could help. In the case of archaeological material, objects can be taken to the Treasure House to be identified by the Museums Registrar. In most cases the owner can expect to hear back within three weeks. At Goole Museum, many items can be identified on the same day.

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East Riding Museums collects archaeological material from across the whole of the East Riding, working in collaboration with Hull Museums Service. Finds that are donated or loaned are used as part of temporary exhibitions. Finds can be taken to the identification service to find out dates and what it was used for. East Riding Museums also provide workshops, lectures and school resources on archaeology.

Collections and policies

East Riding Museums does not commission fieldwork. All enquiries for local archaeological work, site and monuments should be made to Humber Archaeology Partnership (HAP).

We hold a large and varied archaeological collection from professional and amateur excavations, covering East Riding sites from Prehistory up to the 19th century. The Museums Service also uses its Acquisition Fund to purchase significant archaeological treasures from the region.

The Museums Service collects to an agreed Collections Development Policy which has been formally adopted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and is reviewed every two years.

Download Collections Policy

The deposition of material from excavations is governed by a set of guidelines designed to ensure only material of real value for future study or display is deposited. We welcome close liaison between archaeology units and the Museums Service at all stages prior to deposition of material.

Download guidelines on archaeological archives.

Archaeological material forms an important part of the permanent 'Treasures of the East Riding' in the Treasure House Museum. The display is updated regularly to show different items in the collections. There is also in a purpose built environmentally controlled case for the internationally important South Cave Weapons Cache - a group of five Iron Age swords in their decorated scabbards, along with 33 spearheads. The cache was found by metal detectorists on agricultural land, and acquired with the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Put on a display

Put on a display

Would you like to put on your own temporary display of art or social history? Individuals and groups can apply to the East Riding Museums Exhibitions Panel for a space at the Treasure House Museum or Art Gallery.

Treasure House museum

Exhibitions are usually booked 12 to 18 months in advance and must be relevant to the East Riding of Yorkshire. We highly recommend a visit to the Treasure House before submitting your exhibition proposal. Images must be high resolution, particularly for larger images used in the cafe area, and there are a number of cabinets that can hold objects. To apply for an exhibition space in the museum, download the form below and email it to the Treasure House curator.

Download the Exhibition Request Form (social history)
Treasure House corridor displays
All proposals for displays to go in the Library Corridor will be considered by the Exhibitions Panel. Exhibitions in the Library Corridor at the Treasure House are offered on the basis that they have an historical component and that organisations/groups supply copy and images. All images must be high resolution of at least 600dpi. All work produced is edited by the curator. East Riding Museum Service prints the finished panels and makes them available for touring at various venues around the county.
Beverley Art Gallery

Openings occasionally arise for artists or groups with a significant collection of works to put on an exhibition in the temporary exhibition gallery. We highly recommend a visit to the Treasure House before submitting your exhibition proposal to view the space in the gallery. To apply for an exhibition space in the art gallery, download the form below and email it to the Art Gallery (Exhibitions) curator. If possible, examples of the work to be shown should be included with the application.

Download the Exhibition Request Form (art and artefacts)