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Family Friendly

East Riding Museums offers a warm welcome to children and their adults, with opportunities to engage with our collections, exhibitions and local heritage.

Visiting with Children

Due to Covid-19, we can't offer the usual dressing up, interactive exhibits and objects to handle, but there is still plenty for children to enjoy at every museum, including searching for their favourite objects, taking part in the '5 Things to Discover' challenge, and more.

All our children's activities can count towards your Creative Families Award. Find out more on the Learning Page.

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WOW! Said the Owl

Visit our WOW! Said the Owl page to take part in amazing online activities. In Tim Hopgood's much-loved picture book, WOW! Said the Owl, a little owl decides to stay awake in the day and is wowed by the bright colours. We hope that big owls and little owls will experience lots of WOW! moments of your own.

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Treasure House Arty Makes

Make your own animated zoetrope

Create your own cycle race animation at home by making a small and simple Victorian Zoetrope from scrap cardboard and paper. Take your inspiration from Vera Barron's dynamic painting of racing bicycles, which is in the East Riding Museum collection.

Watch the video to find out more about the artwork and for easy to follow instructions on how to make your Zoetrope. Use the printable documents to help you if you want to.

Make your own print artwork

Have a go at making a print inspired by the picture called 'A Panic' by HWB Davis. It's a very large painting of cows which you can see in Beverley Art Gallery at the Treasure House. You will find it in the Red Gallery. This activity is ideal for 5-8 year olds, but anyone can have a go. Download our PDF and follow the instructions.

Watch the video to find out how to make your own artwork inspired by the painting. Artist, Esther Cawley will show you how.

You can also watch the podcast to see 'A Panic' and find out more. What can you discover about it?

Make your own Christmas decorations

Have family fun this Christmas making festive decorations inspired by Beverley Art Gallery's entertaining paper cut-out of the jolly Reverend Coltman.

Reverend Coltman was a well-known person in Beverley in the 19th Century. A paper cut-out silhouette of him is in Beverley Art Gallery's collection, kept safe in the art gallery store.

Watch the video to find out more about the comical Reverend Coltman, and to see artist, Esther Cawley show you how to make beautiful Christmas decorations simply by cutting out paper.

The decorations are easy to make and is suitable for a wide age range from children aged around 3 or 4 years up to adults.

Under 5s

Even our youngest visitors are provided for. Under 5s can take up the '5 Things to Discover' challenge - 5 things to find or do at each museum. Why not try mooing like a cow, pretending to be a deep sea diver, finding a silver aeroplane, meeting the wheelwright, or walking like a penguin during your visit! Ask when you arrive at any museum to find out more.

'Tiny Treasures' sessions at the Treasure House explore museum and art themes such as shape and colour, building, archaeology and more.

All our Under 5s activities can count towards your Creative Families Award. Find out more on the Learning Page.

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Breastfeeding friendly

Mothers are welcome to breastfeed their children anywhere on site at any East Riding Museum. Staff can arrange a discrete space if requested.

Make Learning Fun

Visit the East Riding Museums Learning page to discover art courses for adults and teenagers, the fun Creative Families Award and how to bring the national curriculum to life at your school.

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