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Open Art 2020

Open Art 2020

Would you like your artwork to be part of a community curated exhibition? 'Of course I do!' I hear you cry - but what does it actually mean?

Like many things in this strange year, Goole's 7th Annual Open Art 2020 is a bit different. Instead of the usual dropping off days and independent judges, this year we will include everyone's work. (with limitations - no explicit content)

Open Art will not only be in our gallery, but on our website/Facebook pages as well.


Credit: Goole Times

How to Enter

There are different ways to enter, and where possible we want to involve you in the curation of the exhibition.


If an actual visit to our site is not for you, then you can send us a digital version of your work. This will be screened in a slideshow within the gallery and also included on the website. Depending on the dimensions of the work, we may print it out at up to A3 size and use our own frames to include it in the physical exhibition.

Visit Us

For those who are happy to visit the museum there are two choices. You can deliver your work and leave the display decisions to us; or you can bring in your artistic creations and work alongside us to decide where or how to display it. Social distancing and maximum occupancy rules will of course be adhered to.

Also new to this year's show, we would like to include your own description of the work or something about yourself. What inspired you to create it? Why do you make art? This bit is not compulsory, so don't let it put you off!

Open Art will take entries from Tuesday, 1 September and the exhibition will run to the end of the year. We want new art to be regularly added to the exhibition so entries can be brought in throughout this time.

Entry forms can be completed in the museum or emailed directly to us at

Download Postal Entry Form (PDF) Download E-mail Entry Form (DOC)

Taking Part

If we are lucky enough to receive so many entries that we can't physically fit everything into the gallery, the first entries that were hung will be taken down to make space. The art that is taken down will be photographed and included in the digital slideshow, so it will remain part of the exhibition, and all entries will be in the online exhibition.

What if you don't have any art materials but you want to get creative and take part? We have a limited number of packs containing pencils, fibre tip pens and A4 or A3 paper that can be collected from the museum. We think these supplies will be taken up quite quickly, so please contact us before you arrive to avoid disappointment. Our 2018 People's Choice winner created his piece 'Joker' with biro on ordinary paper - art can be created with almost anything.

Share Your Views

Our regular entrants know that for the last couple of years we have held a preview for everyone involved to attend. It is a great chance to chat with other artists and see what they have created. Sadly due to social distancing measures this will not be possible this year. But if you are a Facebook user, entrants will be able to share their thoughts and ideas through our Facebook page.